Innocence Canada

This page shows the process in re-designing the Innocence Canada website.

innocence canada


Innocence Canada's website was in need of a facelift, not only was the previous site cluttered and outdated, it wasn't bringing in the attention this organization needed. With a new website, new logo and a new campaign the team I worked with at KBS had created much needed buzz around this amazing organization. I'm very proud to have worked on a project that has added positivity into lives that were effected by tragedy.



exoneree case page

We had limited sources when it came to imagery from innocence Canada. A lot of the images we were given were old newspaper scans which ended up adding a lot of texture to the site. I wanted to show two different version of each exoneree on their individual case page, a before and after. I also wanted to have a case facts list for a quick overview of the case. 


donation page

Innocence Canada collects their donations via I wanted to use the Canada helps form without leaving the page to fill out the information so we adapted the form to live within the site. Donations are what makes this organization run so it helps to keep the user within the page to gather as much information as possible.