River Road Bakehouse

river road bakehouse


River Road wanted a bright and exciting site to launch this new company. They wanted to place equal weight on the product and their cause. We were also tasked with designing a quiz/game that would bring awareness to food waste while raising money for local food charities. https://riverroadbakehouse.com/ 


food waste warrior quiz



The quiz was comprised of 8 multiple choice questions revolving around food waste. The point of the quiz was for the user to give their opinion and not to choose the 'right' answer.   



After the user chooses an answer they are given a tip on that topic. The quiz is used as an education tool. 


pick a charity

Once all 8 questions are answered the user is asked to choose a charity. We included the local city to give the user incentive to pick something in their community. 



You are assigned a character based on your quiz answers. You are also given the ability to share the quiz to further the donations.